Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new topic, and case source

changing my topic really allowed me to read about topics relevent to my experience at Rutgers. My case source "Poisoned Ivy" by Toni A.H. McNaron gives an excellent insight into the problems and stories of GBLT professors from a wide range of college campuses. While the stories are -for the most part- very depressing, it proves that it is not only students that face these types of discrimination. Many professors feared for their job while trying to do research on GLBT topics, or even considering coming out themselves.
Students on the other hand worry about discrimination from their peers, and also what teachers may think of them. While teachers get the chance to go home to a comfortable environment, most college students go back to a dorm or student apartments, where the college environment (and community) flourishes.
Many times to escape these problems both professors and students have turned to substances to temprarily 'forget' their problems. however many of these harmful substances have left bad connotations with the gay community as a whole.
Many times McNaron speaks of groups of friends she spent time with, some were posative, while others had negative affects; similar to a student's idea of a GLBT club or alliance.
she also brings different ideas to help closeted individuals deal with their stress.

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  1. I just found the ideal article for this topic --
    "Still in the Shadows? LBGT Students in US Schools" by Michael Sadowski, Chapter 7 in Adolescents in School: Perspectives on Youth, Identity and Education, edited by Sadowski (Harvard UP 2008).